New Agencies Being Created Everyday

I seem to be hearing about a new legal staffing agency coming online every week. Perhaps only a year or so ago, the contract attorney market was dominated by a modest number of staffing agencies. They pretty much had their way with recruiting and exercised significant leverage with their temps, knowing that there were only so many agencies temps could go to find work.

Now, I am pleased to see the power shift. The bread and butter law firm clients are obviously still at the top, but in between the law firms and the contract attorneys is an expanding number of staffing agencies, each vying for applicants. I encourage you to apply to as many staffing agencies as you can to maximize your opportunities. The smaller staffing agencies may have more difficulty finding work for you initially but in time they will grow. They will also be more inclined to offer you a higher wage rate and will also likely be more grateful that you’ve chosen to work for them. Competition is definitely good for us!

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