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Why Do I Blog About Working As a Contract Attorney?

Sunday, October 28th, 2007

I was approached recently by a local reporter who wanted to talk to me about what it’s like working as a contract attorney. One of the interesting questions the reporter asked me was why I chose to blog about my life as a contract attorney. My response – because I didn’t see anyone else doing it in the fashion that I wanted or liked.

Contract attorneys enjoy debating and talking among themselves but there really isn’t much of an online outlet for this type of activity. There are a few related online forums but those sites are populated by mostly obscene, wisecracking people. Other sites such as The Posse List and the Yahoo Contract Attorneys Group are legitimate, but they focus on employment and legal staffing. Occasionally they will discuss issues affecting contract attorneys, but that’s not their primary mission.

There are only a few contract attorney blogs out there, most notably the one up in New York City, but his site pulsates too much negativity for me at times, although I admit I am often thoroughly amused and entertained by what he has to say. He’s been blogging for several years now with the same pessimistic message, which makes me wonder at times just how much of it is real and how much is spin. There is some truth sprinkled in his writing, but it just seems a tad too one sided in my opinion.

My Approach Is To Be More Positive

It might be fun to sit around and blast all law firms and staffing agencies about their practices, but after a while it would get old and tiresome. I’m trying to create a site where we can all discuss issues that affect us all. We’re all in this profession together so we might as well pool our thoughts and share with each other the fruits of our experiences. I’ve always greatly enjoyed listening to the advice of the “old timers” in the contract attorney world. Most of them are not old at all, but simply have been doing this work for a long time and frequently have fascinating stories to share.

Eventually I would like to start discussing more controversial topics but currently I am trying to keep above the controversy fray. I am aware that staffing agencies and law firms routinely monitor the blogosphere for content that portray the profession or their firm in a negative light. But I believe strongly in the freedom of speech and the right to exercise it within the reasonable confines of the rules of professional responsibility. I also believe in protecting the privacy of readers. So I welcome the attention and participation of all and hope everyone can learn and improve a thing or two.

Lots of Negative Temp Blogs Out There

Thursday, September 6th, 2007

I enjoy following many of the other contract attorney blogs out there. Some are amusing while others are downright nasty. One of my favorite ones is Temporary Attorney: The Sweatshop Edition, which focuses on the temp life in New York City. The blogger calls himself “Tom the Temp” and his postings are downright hilarious at times. He obviously has a very sarcastic and pessimistic view of the line of work he’s in. I don’t always agree with his extremely negative views, but I can relate to some of his experiences. He certainly generates a lot of reader commentary, with some agreeing with his strong views whole heartedly and others preferring to just stick with bashing all temps and the profession. It certainly is an entertaining read.