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I Respect Honesty and Candor

Saturday, September 22nd, 2007

I’ve had a wide array of contract attorney experiences. Some bad, but mostly good. I must say, the great majority of the limited number of shady and underhanded actions I’ve experienced have come from the staffing agencies. Most of the law firm associates I’ve met have treated contract attorneys with a reasonable amount of respect and professionalism. Dealing with overbearing partners probably humbles them a bit. 🙂

Although my current project has since been extended, it was originally scheduled to end early. The managing associates held a small meeting on a Tuesday and thanked us for our diligent work and gave us the heads up that the pace had been much faster than they had expected and that the project was likely to end at the end of the week. In return, we were all very appreciative of their honesty in choosing to share with us the prior notice. They could have chosen to spring this information on us at the very last moment on Friday but I respect them very much for choosing to give us the information earlier. Actions like that leave me with a very favorable impression of their law firm and I would certainly want to work with them again in the future, and help them succeed in their case.

Professional actions like that help to make me want to be more sincere in the work that I do. Many of the contract attorneys such as myself are likely to be recirculated back into the mix and may even end up back at the same firm in the future. It’s in everybody’s best interest to maintain that honesty and candor – both firm and contract attorneys alike.